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////Variation Swatches options

Variation Swatches options

Exclusive WooCommerce variation swatches for better store.

Momizat Variation swatches are exclusive plugin built in Meza theme. Unlike any other variation swatches plugin. This plugin has a great options for customization globally and for each product.

Type of swatches

  • Color swatches: If product has multiple colors.

  • Image swatches: for product thumbnails

  • Button swatches: Can use this for sizes or any attribute require text.


  • Disable swatches. With this option you disable swatches globally or for each product.

  • CSS class. for any advanced customization.

  • Color swatches. completely customize color swatches design.

  • Images swatches. completely customize image swatches design.

  • Button swatches. completely customize color swatches design.

  • Button swatches typography.

Examples of variation swatches

Product module

Single product

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Last update on: April 30, 2020


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