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///Theme options overview

Theme options overview

General overview on Meza theme options

Meza theme options are one of most powerful theme options in simplest form. In theme options you can Control in Main font, Global colors, General typography, Layouts, Header, footer, page title bar and all what you expect in the theme options. Beside Meza advanced features like custom fonts, icons manager, Exclusive custom fields, Performance options and more.

How to access to Theme Options?

You can access to theme options from two places.

From WordPress dashboard

Go to Meza > Theme options

From Admin bar

Your access to Meza Theme Options from WordPress admin bar whether you in backend or front-end.

What’s next?

A deep look in theme options.

User Interface, Backup and Restore





Shop ( WooCommerce )

WooCommerce must be installed to see this options.


Header options are very simple. Because all heavy works inside the header builder.

Page title bar

All what you need to build a fully customizable page title bar.


Footer options are very simple. Because all heavy works inside the footer builder.



Built in lazy loading for images and backgrounds and more.  Learn more.

Variations swatches

This options come with Momizat WooCommerce Swatches plugin.

Builder options

Builder custom fields

Build custom fields is one of most unique feature in Meza theme. It’s allow you to add custom fields groups directly in visual builder. That adds unbelievable layer of customization.

Custom fonts

Custom fonts cannot be easier and more comprehensive than this.

Icon Manager

Upload custom icon sets and use it anywhere

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Last update on: July 29, 2020


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