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////What is Partial templates?

What is Partial templates?

The most unique feature in Meza theme.

The partial templates are: building small parts as a template and use it in everywhere. To understand how partial templates is very powerful and how it works you need to know what the problem and how partial templates
solve it.

The problem

Most popular WordPress themes come with tons of features and different styles to fit with everyone’s needs. 

This is very well how this is a problem?

Every new feature and style come with tons of options and tons of CSS codes and Javascript codes. This makes your website slower. In most cases you just use one style for blog and maybe you don’t use WooCommerce. But the extra codes for another blog styles and WooCommerce features is still there in your website.

Thinking …. 

So we asked ourselves this question, how build a multipurpose theme with tons of different styles without extra unused codes. Here we come with partial templates feature.

How Partial templates solve this problem?

The answer is summarized in the following points:

  • Them will come with default styles for blog and product only.

  • You can build unbelievable styles for posts, products, comments, reviews and more.

  • It’s don’t need any extra codes it’s using the same code base of Momizat builder.

  • Use it everywhere. Edit it from one place.

  • Build it much better with Dynamic content and conditions element.

The downside

Every good feature has a downside. In our case the downside is You have to build every custom template. It’s extremely easy to build a new style, but when compare it with style options you just select style 1, style 2 or style 3. So we built the Library to select and use any of our styles with a few clicks.

Why Library is amazing?

The answer is summarized in the following points. Learn more about Library 

  • Online so it automatically updated.

  • Access to every demo to get pages, headers, footers, templates and more.

  • Blocks, Templates and partial templates tidy and organized to add in your website with one click.

  • Your saved blocks for instant access.

Examples of partial templates

Some of what you can build with the partial templates.

Product module

product baby - What is Partial templates?
product leather - What is Partial templates?

Post module

post baby - What is Partial templates?
post leather - What is Partial templates?

Widget title template

widget title baby - What is Partial templates?
widget title leather - What is Partial templates?

Review template

review baby - What is Partial templates?
review leather - What is Partial templates?

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Last update on: January 16, 2021


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