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///Popup Rules

Popup Rules

When popup will display based on rules.

Popup Rules determine when popup will open active rules. You can use one rule or more. For now popup has six types of rules.

Rules requirements

Popup rules aren’t working alone, it’s just additional rules to make popups more efficient. So you need to set the conditions and triggers before set any rules.

After x page views

Open popup after visitor visit a specific number of pages. There is something to note here, this rule applies after a user visit x number of pages in general not just in the current session. This means if we set x to 3 pages, after a visitor visit a 3 pages the pop keep showing unless you set the frequency rule.

After x Sessions

Session is a continuous period of user activity on your website in one browser tab, each new tab is a new session. This rule opens the popup after user visited your website for a specific number of sessions. As the pages view rule, if a session limit has passed it will keep open the popup unless you set the frequency rule.


This rule determines how the popup will repeat for the user based on frequency options. It has four options:

  • Every time: The default rule even if frequency inactive.
  • Every session: open popup once in every session.
  • X times: open popup for specific number of times.
  • Every X days: open popup up once every specific number of days eg. 7 for a week or 30 for a month.

When arriving from

Open popup based on where visitor came. It has three options you can select one or more:

  • Search engines.
  • External links.
  • Internal links.

When arriving from links

Open popup based on where visitor came specific links. Each link in new line.

User status

Open popup based on where user status:

  • Everyone.
  • Guests.
  • Logged in users: all users or based on user roles.

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Last update on: January 16, 2021


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