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Layout options

Set layout options for the whole website.

Layout options are the way to make your website boxed or full width, Make pages with sidebars or no, content padding, sidebar size and more.


You can customize all of these options on each page, post, template, Etc…

Site Layout

Make your website fullwidth and boxed. In boxed mode you have width option to change the box width to fit with your need.


Main container width by default is 1100px. if boxed width less than 1100px you need to change main container width to be less than the boxed width.

Page layout

Control in all pages layout from one option, Also customize each page from page options. You have four available layouts:

  1. Right sidebar
  2. Left sidebar
  3. No sidebar or Container full width
  4. Full width from edge to edge


For advanced layouts like two sidebars, one on each side or in the same side or any advance layout. You can use Row element in a custom template or on any page or post.

Content padding

Content is the area between the header and footer, with this option you can add spaces around the content.

Beside option title you will notice a screen icon this icon means this option is “Responsive” and each device can have a different value.


It’s very useful to add space on the sides in tablets and mobiles.

With Sidebar options you can select sidebar widgets area default is “sidebar”, or build a fully custom sidebar block and select it from custom sidebar option

Custom layout

This options control in website container width, Content width if using any sidebar layout and sidebar width. Also, this option is Responsive so you can customize it on each device.

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Last update on: January 16, 2021


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