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///Advanced layout

Advanced layout

Custom column width, row alignment and more.

I assume you read the custom layout tutorial. If not, read it first.

Fixed width sidebars

The 12 grid columns are good. But it’s not working for every layout. Sometime you need to adjust your columns with pixels. In this example, we will make the both sidebars on the right side and make the first one 200px and the second one 280px, and the content column takes the rest of the space.

Left align row

In this example, we will align the row to left side with custom width 900px.

What’s next?

These layouts are very powerful but till now its for pages, posts or any content Momizat builder can access. What about archives, single posts, search page, custom 404 page, Etc… ?

If you ask this question too. You ready to explore Meza amazing templates system.

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Last update on: January 16, 2021


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