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Setup wizard

A quick and elegant way to quick start.

After activate the theme you will redirect automatically to the setup wizard, with few clicks you will install all bundled plugins and install one of our demos if you want.


start page is the Intro of the setup wizard just click on start or getting start

wizard start - Setup wizard


In plugins page you can install all of theme bundled plugins with one click or skip and install what you need only from plugins page.


In demos page you can import one of our demos with single click or skip and import it from install demo page.


It’s better to import demo after run WooCommerce setup wizard to import all demo products and WooCommerce options properly.

wizard demos - Setup wizard


In ready page you have 4 buttons redirect to some useful actions after install.

wizard finish - Setup wizard

Customize the theme.

Redirect to Theme options to change Layouts, colors, fonts and much more.

Activate theme update.

Redirect to Envato market plugin if installed or plugins page if not installed to install and activate it, with this plugin you can update theme directly from your dashboard.

WooCommerce setup wizard

Redirect to WooCommerce setup wizard. it’s necessary to complete WooCommerce install.

Help center / support

Redirect to the support website to read documentation or ask any question in support forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

I skip the setup wizard can I start it again?

Sure you can, just navigate to Appearance > Setup wizard

faq setup wizard - Setup wizard

How can I install the bundled plugins?

Navigate to Meza > plugins


If you use the child theme the theme name in dashboard will be the child theme name instead of Meza.

plugins - Setup wizard

In plugins page you can Install, Update, Activate or Deactivate any bundled plugin.

How can I import demos?

Navigate to Meza > Demos

demos - Setup wizard

This will lead you to demos page to install/uninstall any demo.

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Last update on: January 16, 2021


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