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Create amazing sliders visually without plugins.

Sliders plugins like slider revolution, layer slider or any similar plugin are awesome. But it adds a lot of resources to your website. So we build slider element to create a faster website with a truly responsive sliders. Here some of slider element features:

  • Visual drag and drop
  • Super responsive
  • accepet any kind of elements
  • Content animation
  • Fully custom arrows and bullets.
  • And much more…

Create your first slider

In this example, we will create a simple slider to get familiar with slider element options and learn how to transition between slides.

Customize arrows and bullets

Use slider as carousel for any elements

Slider can used as a carousel for any kind of elements like posts, products or row columns. In this example we will use slider as a products carousel.

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Last update on: June 20, 2020


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