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///The block

The block

Blocks are a global widgets. Build it once and use it everywhere.

Blocks are a global widgets. Build it once and use it everywhere. In this tutorial we will learn how to create blocks and how to use it.

Create Block

In dashboard go to Momizat builder > Blocks:

  1. Click add new button
  2. Insert Block name and click Create block.
  3. Build your block with Momizat builder


When you edit any block changes will apply to all pages that use this block.

Display the block

You can use the block in several ways:

Add block to content

You can add the block as any element in you content. Click add > click on block element. then select block from settings.

Use block in widgets

Go to Dashboard > appearance > widgets and add block widget to any widgets area.

Use block content

With this method you can create block as a template for anything and using it anywhere then edit the content instantly.You can add block content from library > saved blocks > insert.


Now you added block as a content. So if you edit the block this content will not change.

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Last update on: January 16, 2021


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